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the fatness: episode 301 [strike back]
squish! nami and usopp
Welp, I'm back again. On my other blog (whaaaaaat) and on this one, it's been months since I posted. I regained everything and was not only sad about it (I'd worked hard, everything was wasted), I was back to feeling horrible and sluggish. And I'm working with PreK and Kindergarten students this year, so I was just wiped out after work.

But now my best friend has received their initial paperwork for a gastric bypass. I figured I have to get my shit together. I had a good friend get one before, but now this is my bestie, yo. I figure we should support eachother on this darned website. Good luck!

I'm past my highest weight from 2012. But only by five pounds. I'd like to think that's because of my job this year. I'm marginally more active. So...I had a good day. But it was tough! I have to serve my kids breakfast and the cafeteria provided us with breakfast pizza (which I looooooooooove) and they gave us too much again. A parent also gave all of us car duty staff glazed cinnamon buns as a treat for our hard work. But I didn't have any of either. Yay! I drank 40-something ounces of water. Not the best, but good! Now this is all at work. Let's see how I do at home.

i'm losing my mind, that's it
yoink! luffy
Why did I think it was past 11:00? It's 9:36.
I was looking RIGHT AT THE CLOCK. HOW??

On the other hand. I read American-Born Chinese last night. It had some mind fuckery at the end, I liked it a lot, despite being essentially religious. At least it felt that way to me. (Yeah, it's a kids' book, shut up. He writes the ATLA comic books.)

i feel great!
squish! nami and usopp
1. That last thing I posted about? Welp, I put on my big girl panties and went in to work for those three days. It was a nice, solitary three days, which I LOVED because it allowed me to catch up on my podcasts, especially WTNV.

2. I have really gotten into the anime Fairy Tail. One Piece is still my jam, but FT is so good.

3. My main conlang, Basmai, has hanzi/kanji-like characters called "ajïs" in its history (some are still used today, but mostly for decoration and academic writing). After fretting over making OVER TWO HUNDRED OF THESE THINGS for months, I did the smart thing the other day and made some "radical" (shapes that reoccur often and can be mixed and matched to make new characters) files in photoshop. So now I only have to manipulate these files to make characters in a fraction of the time I though it would be. I've made twenty since yesterday. This is one of my favorite ones:

It stands for "cälyn" (queen). It's made from "royal" (also, "holy"), "digit", "wings" and "divot".

For your info, 女王 "jo'ou" and 王妃 "ouhi" (words queen in Japanese) or 女王 "nǚwáng" (Chinese word for queen) don't look anything like it except for the "wings" radical in the ajïs looks like "king" in kanji (the three lines). I didn't even think of it, but there you are.

There is nothing in the ajïs the denotes that queens are female or that kings are male (yeah, I made one for "king" as well). In Chinese and Japanese, 女王 and 王妃 both have "female" in the word in some capacity (女). Queen and King were traditionally sex-segregated titles, but males can be queen and females can be king. It really depends on who is a warrior (the queen) and who is a pacifist (the king). That is not to say that queens are always on the war path (many queens in Basyan history were peaceful) and kings are always cowardly fops (some were bold and even relied on violence to get things done for their queen). That is, however, a stereotype in the media.

*giggle* I love making Basyan culture notes. It's so much fun. I'll probably crosspost that to Tumblr in a bit. But for now, lunch!

awesome - goliath
My laptop slipped away quietly into the night. My attempts to revive her have been for naught.

While it saddens me that I've lot the ability to watch movies while I work on something else, I'm kinda....not broken up. It forces me to be on the PC, which forces me to do some things that I'd regulated to the PC only. Like icon-making. After brunch, icons!

had a weird dream
shocked and appalled - goku
Dreamed that I was pregnant. I think I found out in the middle of a Titan attack (I stayed up all night watching Attack on Titan just before this), which made the thought of childbirth even scarier than usual (the little Titans, man....*shudder*). Anyway, I brought up to my mother that with my PCOS, it may just be a false positive, and she got pissed off at me and we fought. The only one that got me out was this male co-worker (that I've kinda had a squish on for years. He's handsome) who broke down the door, I think? Later, I had to go to my art class. He, my mom, and I all piled into the car, and the front and rear passenger doors fell clean off (stuck in the mud?) and we had to hold on for dear life even if we had seat belts because I told Mom to drive anyway.

I can't remember the rest. The doorbell rang and woke me up.

I'ma watch the rest of Attack on Titan now. It's a real good show.

day two: the movie
goat noises - haru
It is day two of the epic amount of laundry I'm doing. Holy shiiiiit, so much. I should have taken a before picture, you wouldn't believe how terrible it was. And...shit, if I get paid at the end of June (like I hope), I am finally buying a goddamn vacuum cleaner.

Day three (which will be Friday. I'm going into town/having my class tomorrow will be all about dusting and putting books away. And Korra. (Yes, I still watch it. It got fucking good last season, I'm hoping they don't fuck it up again.

sugar pirate skull
Yesterday was my last work day. WOO FUCKING HOO!!

But then I ate dinner, and I fucking passed out. I don't know why, i wasn't especially tired from work. but I couldn't stand to wake up.

I've got SO much cleaning to do. I wish Kim and Aggie would stop by. There's also the new laundry service around the corner, but I don't think I can pay a MILLION DOLLARS for my laundry right now.

last days
sugar pirate skull
Uhm. I haven’t been on here in ages. I fell in love with tumblr (like a lot of people have). But I want to come back here as my friend hollsh did because I’m more comfortable with the format for writing personal posts. So!! I have a lot that I need to catch you up on. And since I’m not a good writer at all and I want to get this over with, I will do it in a list of BULLET POINTS.[and under a cut!]Collapse )

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sugar pirate skull
Okay! I'm not sure if anyone saw my mistake (posted to the wrong journal), but I am very much alive. Kept up the weight loss, still don't have my full driver's liscence. I am thoroughly me.

Uhmmm....okay, bye!

embarrassed - suki
My stomach is churning, guys.

I don't know why I'm suddenly so nervous, but I am. The next couple of weeks are gonna be hell. To me, anyway. I'm excited to practice driving, but gah... I wanna cry.

And the budget now. Noooo.

EDIT: I just played around with some numbers. With some large number rounding, and saving $200 a month, I have...$100 a month to play with. Well. Shit?

EDIT: Ah, fuck. I need gas money, too. Fuck.

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