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Dec. 15th, 2012

bakaneko! kitty
Okay! I'm not sure if anyone saw my mistake (posted to the wrong journal), but I am very much alive. Kept up the weight loss, still don't have my full driver's liscence. I am thoroughly me.

Uhmmm....okay, bye!



embarrassed - suki
My stomach is churning, guys.

I don't know why I'm suddenly so nervous, but I am. The next couple of weeks are gonna be hell. To me, anyway. I'm excited to practice driving, but gah... I wanna cry.

And the budget now. Noooo.

EDIT: I just played around with some numbers. With some large number rounding, and saving $200 a month, I have...$100 a month to play with. Well. Shit?

EDIT: Ah, fuck. I need gas money, too. Fuck.



bakaneko! kitty


I have named her Nubie, short for Nublada ("cloudy"). Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


life is happening!

woo! renge-kun
Sorry I haven't been posting as I'd have liked to, guys. I actually have shit to say this time!

1. I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got my learner's permit yesterday! It was...frighteningly easy. My only problem is that instead of the six months I thought it would have me to get my for real driver's license, I have twenty days. Holy shrimp, twenty days. o I have to get my instructor and shit together pronto.

2. Actually started looking at cars yesterday. EXCITEMENT. There's one I have my eye on in particular. It's white, which I wasn't sold on at first, but now I'm becoming a fan. However, I'm trying not to get too worked up about it.

3. Early voted yesterday. WOO FUCKING HOO. Now I don't have to go to the Coliseum and stand in line for HOURS trying to get it done there.

4. Started my 401K yesterday.

So many adult things done, I was work out. But I used my day off effectively. Success! Now for not so adult things.

The other day, we took our kids on a field trip to a place called Art Quest. Basically it's an art studio for kids. Guys, I was nerdgasming from the stuff. Paints, clay, drawing stations, YARN. SO HAPPY WAS I. So...the last two years have been rough for me art wise, but I absolutely can't walk away from it. I just can't. I'll get my mojo back. Somehow.

I've been inspired this week, though. I've been working on my [qfwiki] (the info, not the site. I was at work)--I've been replacing names and drawing maps. I even started on a historical one the other day. I was proud of myself, I never thought I'd get into history without a finalized language to go with it. I knew you couldn't have one, though, history and language go had in hand. But...sometimes you just have to push through. [/conworlding nerdery] [/linguistics nerdery]

SCANS WILL COME LATER. It looks like shit, it's on lined paper, but I actually did something so FUCK YEAH.


okay sure whatever! avatar
I squeezed my butt into a 1X skirt today. It was SURREAL.


woo! renge-kun

SEVEN MONTHS TO THE DAY. I started on March 6th, 2012, it is not October 6th, 2012.

Height: 5’4” (163cm)
Starting weight: 378.3lbs (172kg)
Current weight: 277.7 (126.22kg)
Weekly range goal: I...I don't know. Two this week?
Total burned: 100.6 (45.72kg)
Total goal range: 145lbs (65.9kg)

I-I...I did it. I got my butt in gear and ended up shedding nine pounds this week (a lot of it was water, my friends). All I can say about that is HO. LEE. SHRIMP. Please let the Rainbow Dash gif explain my joy.

I was at 99.6 yesterday. I'd gotten confident that I was going to lose 4/10s of a pound in a day and almost screwed up (eating chips and a bigger dinner than anticipated), but I dodged that bullet with a liiiiiiiiiiiittle willpower.

I would celebrate with pictures...but I'm all alone in the house right now. Mom's out of town (recovering from a kidney transplant and she's already traveling! She's INVINCIBLE.) So besides awkward pics in the mirror that screw up my face, really can't do anything. Bah. So the world will have to wait.

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i haven't posted in ages, i'm sorry

embarrassed - suki
My office is a mess.

...uuugh, my weekend was terrible. I survived the food (yay!), but the air conditioner died on Friday, so working out has been nightmarish. (I don't go to the gym.) It's like being in a bikram yoga class all day and night. I like sweat, but not when I'm not exercising. I have this permanent sheen of sweat on my hands that I can't get off for the life of me.

Also, my big bro and his husband visited. I survived all the crappy food, and my bro and I geeked out over Avatar and Korra (that and discussed the huge flaws in them both). I think we're gonna be okay, actually. Yayyyy.



bakaneko! kitty



bakaneko! kitty
Mom's doing great! Yaay! She may come home tomorrow, even. <3 Technically she got the kidney from a living donor, so it's been very good to her thus far. :D

....uuugh, I feel like I may have gained ten pounds this week alone. Fucking hospital. 0h well. I guess that goal is shot. Gotta keep on keepin' on.

so much

embarrassed - suki
Bottom line: Mom is having a kidney transplant today and I'm scared out of my mind.. A lady at her church died from her liver transplant only a few days ago. And I'm angry that no one seems to understand that I'm freaking out.

I'm also a bit cranky and i feel bad about that.

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